Since I have changed to a different script (WordPress), I thought a new welcome page was in order. So, first of all, let me welcome you to Christian Heresy! This site is an alternative look at early church history, especially the development of Christian orthodoxy and the various heresies that opposed that orthodoxy. It is my contention that the greatest heresy that faced the Christian message was what became Christian orthodoxy. It all started in the first century with the rise of Pauline Christianity and came to full flower with the recognition of Christianity as the official religion of the Roman empire in the fourth century. The posts on this site will explain why I feel this way.

A much more scholarly version of this blog would have been my doctoral dissertation at the University of Chicago Divinity school. However, because I tried to save my marriage (the third of four) that turned out not to be worth saving, I never got to finish my doctoral studies and write my dissertation. The time constraints of working full time and raising a family in my 40s and 50s prevented me from doing much research and writing. It was not until my early 60s that I finally had the time to work on my idea. This blog is a work in progress and should be read as such. I am now approaching 70, so who knows how much time I have left. I will continue to work on this blog for as long as my health allows. For me, this is my life’s work and the “calling” that I ignored. Being able to work on these posts in spite of some rather annoying physical limitations (my eyesight) is the greatest joy of my life and has given me an immense sense of peace.

The posts on this site are organized into categories. The posts within a given category form an integral whole, which may or may not be complete. It is best to read all the posts in a given category. The categories themselves are organized in my conception of logical order. It is recommended that you read the categories in the order they appear on the category list in the left sidebar. But let me repeat myself: this blog is a work in progress. It is not finished. In fact, it may never get finished. Completing this blog is completely outside of my control. I have no say so on how long I will live, hopefully long enough to finish what I want to say.

I want to give you a little background information about my credentials in regards to undertaking a project like this. I have a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Northeastern Illinois University. I completed the coursework for a Master’s degree in anthropology at the University of Chicago. I did not write the Master’s thesis because of some internal departmental politics (real) that led me to transfer to the backspace Divinity school. I got my Master’s degree from the Divinity school in 1984 and started work on the coursework for my doctorate. Unfortunately, I had to quit graduate school in an attempt to save my marriage to my third wife, as I mentioned. I ended up with no marriage and no doctorate. This blog is my substitute for that degree. Obviously, because this blog is written for a more general audience than my dissertation would have been, it is not to be taken as a scholarly effort. Rather, I hope it inspires someone to do a more scholarly analysis of the subject matter. If you are going to do that, and I am still alive, I would appreciate hearing from you. Please post a comment on this site. You have to be a registered member of the site and all comments are held for me to review before they are posted. If you include any personal information, such as address, email, or phone number, rest assured I will not make that information public.

Thank you for reading my blog posts. It is quite heartwarming to know that people are interested in what I have to say. I would love to hear from my readers. Rest assured that I am very protective of your personal information just as I am protective of my own. Obviously, all the material on this site is copyrighted. You are welcome to link to any post, but I ask that you do not directly copy any of my posts. Just like you, I want people to know who actually wrote this stuff, for good or for bad. I am too old to let any negative feedback influence what I do. That’s one of the benefits of being almost 70 years old. You get to tell people to get off your lawn!

The picture of me off to the right was taken a couple of days ago. The pipe I am smoking is my birthday present this year from my wife and my sons. It is a genuine calabash with a Meerschaum bowl and a mahogany stem. I love this pipe! Enjoy the posts.

John Botscharow