Note: This was written quite some time ago on a much earlier version of the site. It was the first welcome page to the now-gone

Welcome to Christian Heresiology!

This is a Christian site but not in the sense that most Christian sites use the term. This site is not intended to convert, criticize, or otherwise raise your passions. Rather it is a site that takes a sociological look at the development of Christian theology and institutions.

It is my contention that Christianity as it exists now is far removed from the original kerygma of the person we refer to as Jesus Christ. In fact, our analysis will show that this deviation from the original message started in the first century. Heresy is the term used to define those beliefs that are deemed to be wrong or misguided as determined by the Orthodox tradition of a religion. As far as I’m concerned, arguments against a specific heresy, while expressed often in theological terms, are really rooted in struggles for power. That is why, although we will look at the theological arguments, the main focus of our analysis will be in the politics, in the broadest sense of the word, of the time.

Our look at the various heresies, as defined by Orthodoxy, will be as close to historical sequence as possible. It is my contention that all the various heresies can be viewed as variations on the same theme. Since many of you will be unfamiliar with the various sociological, philosophical, and theological concepts that will be used in our discussions, I will provide background material explaining these concepts as needed. Also there will be at some point a glossary of some sort for terms that need only short definitions, so in a way this site will ultimately become an encyclopedia of heresy