Welcome to the new christianheresy.com website. On Wednesday, May 8th, 2016, we were hacked on our server by some fundamentalist group who has taken offense at what we do on this site. They seem to have appointed themselves the censors of the known universe. If there is content that they find objectionable, then it gets hacked because they do not want anybody reading it. So much for freedom of thought, freedom of expression, or freedom of religion. For those of you who are familiar with the content on the old site, you know I am not particularly fond of fundamentally of any ilk, religious or secular. I find the notion that the people have the right to prevent someone who does not think like they do from expressing themselves so totally objectionable that my blood pressure generally shoots right through the roof. For someone with hypertension and a bad heart in the literal sense, this is not good. I don’t know what these people found objectionable, but rather than delivering a long heated rant that would probably put me in the hospital, I only am going to ask them to do unto others as they would have done unto them. They would not appreciate someone telling them how to think or what to believe; so please don’t ask to tell me what to think or what to believe. I respect your right to think and believe as you wish, no matter how objectionable I may find it. Please do the same for me.

The old site used a different publishing script, one that seems to have some inherent security issues. At suggestion of my web host, I have switched to a new publishing script: WordPress. The main reason for that is that my web host has developed a very nice little security feature that literally locks down this site for everyone but me. Until I get familiar with how to set the lock down permissions, which may be a bit of a challenge for someone who is computer challenged like I am, it may be a while before you all can post comments.

Because of the change in script, the database systems are not compatible. That means I cannot just import all the old content. Rather, I will have to go through the database files which I have saved to my computer with a fine tooth comb looking for all the pages and posts and move them manually one at a time to the new database. That obviously is not going to happen overnight, so bear with me. Michael and I will get this done as quickly as we can, but don’t expect it to happen that soon. Doing this kind of transfer can be a somewhat slow and tedious process.

Secondly, with the change in database systems, your membership info cannot be transferred. I give you my word it will all be deleted from the server and for my computer. At some point once I have everything set up so that we can allow you to sign up as a member but still protect the integrity of this site, I will let you know that it is safe to go ahead and sign up. At that point I will change the permissions on much of the content so that members only can read it. Let me prepare you in advance: I will more than likely require members to provide real name information, not some silly stuff like Warchief Grom or whatever. The people that this site is geared to are those who are mature and responsible. Those are the only people I really want as members and putting in your real name is a sign of maturity and responsibility. I promise I will do everything I can to protect your personal information and I will never misuse it in any way, and that includes selling your information to someone for them to use for marketing purposes. As a former marketer myself, I am well aware of how obnoxious and intrusive some online marketers can be. I do not like dealing with those people anymore than you do.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for your support over the years for both this blog and my personal blog. You have no idea how important these two blogs are to me. There are three things I treasure in my life: my family (which includes my two dogs and my cat as well as my wife and my children close), music (especially rock ‘n roll), and my intellectual pursuits (especially my blogs). As some of you probably know, a little more than four years ago (March 20, 2012 close) I had a pulmonary edema and a heart attack. I spent two weeks in the hospital, in intensive care. I nearly passed through the veil. It was love of my family and my unfinished intellectual pursuit that gave me the will to live and to get better. That is how much I value these blogs.

We will start posting the old content soon. Until then, peace be with you!

John Botscharow

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